Intermec CK3 Updates

CK3R CK3XI’ve never been a fan of the clunky Windows based mobile computers that are used in so many warehouse and retail environments.

Having said that, the Intermec CK3 has always stood out to me for its stylish design and competitive pricing – a rare good looking product in a pretty ugly crowd!

So it is nice to see that Intermec has refreshed the CK3 and given it some new features.

There are actually 2 CK3’s now – the lightweight CK3R being intended for use in retail environments (I was cringe when I see workers in the supermarket having to lug around an enormous MC9090!) and the more industrial CK3X. The X is slightly larger and designed to be used in those tougher industrial applications – it has a bigger battery too, able to work for a couple of shifts without a break.

Since the original CK3 was launched, Intermec has refined its range of scan engines so the CK3R and CK3X are able to take advantage of this. My favorite EX25 scanner is still available though.

The usual wireless choices, better terminal emulation, faster processing – the new devices have all the things we are looking for these days. Even the RFID side has been sorted now. I could never fathom why the RFID part and the rest of the CK3 had to communicate over Bluetooth when they were part of the same device – finally this has been implemented properly.

Would I prefer this to be an Android based device? Yes of course.

Do I wish the CK3R and CK3X were made in America? Also yes. Nevertheless, the new CK3’s are very well thought out devices.

Check out Intermec’s video on the CK3R and CK3X – sorry this one is not as much fun as some of their others have been!

Do you use Intermec handhelds? What do you think of the new models? Winco ID is an Intermec partner, so if you need some or are looking for ideas, call me at 603-598-1553.


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