Kit Labels – Improve Labeling Efficiency

Kit Labels can make things easierDo your labeling jobs often need sets of labels? If so, there is a good chance that the kit label concept might be helpful to you.

The kit label concept involves creating a set of labels on a single roll. These are printed in one pass through the label printer so you can be sure that all the information needed for your labeling job is ready right when you need it.

The kit label in the photo is one designed for a medical diagnostic company. When a diagnostic test is needed, the patients sample is shared between up to 10 small vials that go to various parts of the lab. The special kit label contains 10 labels for the vial that are all printed with the correct information. An 11th label is also printed that is destined to go in the patient’s file.

Since the set of labels is printed right at the time it is needed and the vials labeled right away, this method of labeling is really efficient and accurate – there is no possibilty of labels from another test being used by mistake,

There are a lot of other applications where kit labels make sense as well – when assembling wire harnesses, where sets of labels with the wire numbers are needed is a good example. Indeed just about any assembly or manufacturing job where a set of labels is used is a good candidate.

As well as simplifying label printing and use, kit labels are very cost effective as well. There is a one-time cost for the special shaped tooling and after that they cost no more than individual labels.

As you would expect, kit labels can be produced in a wide range of materials: thermal and thermal transfer paper, poyester, kapton (polyimide) can all be made into custom kits.

Assuming the size of the total kit fits the parameters of your printer, just about any label printer can be used for these types of label. Since kit labels often have an indexing mark printed on the back of the liner, the printer needs to be capable of operating in that mode.

Do you need to apply sets of labels to your products? Maybe this is an idea that would help your business. Let us know how we can help with this or any other labeling needs you have – use our contact page or email me:



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