Barcode Printer Service Support – Healthcare.

Parcode printers in healthcareAre you responsible for the barcode label printers in your healthcare organization? If so, you’ll know that as barcoding becomes more important, the performance of these printers is a critical component of your operations.

How can you ensure that your hospital printing operations are running at peak efficiency and also make sure there are no unexpected associated costs?

A solution is Winco ID’s onsite barcode label printer service plans.

Once a printer is placed under the protection of Winco ID’s service plan, any repairs, parts or labor are completely covered for the duration of the plan – including one printhead per year if needed. We can also offer service plans without the printhead coverage and for hospitals that use Winco labels, we can often negotiate printhead coverage at no (or very little ) additional charge.

One of the key things with our printer service plans for healthcare is that they include 2 Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits per year by our technician. These PMs ensure that everything is always working perfectly and that any parts likely to fail are swapped out before they cause a problem.

We have a selection of onsite service plans that are perfect for healthcare – we can also produce a customized plan, depending on the printers you have and your budget. Our fantastic service technicians are factory certified on Zebra, Datamax, Intermec and other printer brands.

Healthcare IT people face a lot of challenges these days – we can make sure label printing isn’t one of them. Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 or use the contact page to get started!

Don’t need a plan? No problem, we provide break/fix service and parts as needed as well!

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