Mobile Carts for Healthcare

Mobile Cart Healthcare Winco ID

In healthcare organizations, the amount of gear that has to be used by nurses, physicians and others is always increasing. Computers, tablets, printers, barcode scanners – more all the time.

Traditionally, a lot of this equipment would be installed at a central location – at the nurses station for example, meaning that staff would need to go back to the station to be able to enter information and print reports.

HC Cart for Healthcare - Winco IDWouldn’t it be helpful to be able to have everything needed on a mobile workstation – be able to make the static workstation a mobile one?

Our HC Cart – from our good friends at Newcastle Systems, was specifically designed to make this possible. It is made with a small 20 inches square footprint to make it easy to maneuver around cramped areas. It is available in both powered and unpowered versions.

A great feature is that the work surface  has a mechanism that allows simple height adjustment so it can be comfortably used by different people, regardless of if they are sitting or standing. It also come with a universal mounting plate so that any flat screen monitor can be securely attached.

Some of the optional items include:

  • Lockable drawers for medications or general storage.
  • Wire basket to hold paperwork, charts, notebooks or binders with convenient reach.
  • Adjustable CPU holder to accommodate various sized computers.
  • Keyboard tray with adjustable mouse tray.
  • Scanner holder.

An HC Mobile Workstation is a great way to make your staff be more productive, to ensure important data is available right where it is needed and to help improve patient care.

Want to learn more? Give me a call at 603-598-1553 or just use our contact form.

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