New Intermec 70 Series RFID Reader

Intermec 70 Series RFIDHey Intermec, this has taken rather a long time, but I’m happy to see the new range of 70 Series RFID Reader come along!

Having tried to use the old IP30 RFID reader thingy with a CK3 device (before giving up and going back to Motorola) it is great to see something new from intermec in this space. I recall the horror of having to order 17 line items just to build up one CK3 with the IP30 handle. Painful!

The new 70 Series RFID devices look to be a huge step forward from the old ones.

To start with, they are based on the up to date CK70 and CN70 series, which can only be good.

Some highlights include:

  • No visible antenna for the UHF reader (love this!) – anyone who has to carry around previous generations of RFID reader will really appreciate this feature.
  • A built in demo application (the lack of this on the old models was was of the biggest problems)
  • Uses the current model scan engine options, giving access to Intermec’s latest scanners.
  • WLAN connectivity. It appears that there will be no WAN cellular access – interference with the RFID maybe? Bluetooth is included though to connect to other devices such as mobile printers or barcode scanners.
  • Uses the same accessories as existing 70 Series devices.

All looks pretty good so far, I hope Intermec will let us borrow one to take on a test drive before too long.

I know what you’re asking – how much does this goodness cost? According to Intermec, the RFID option will add $1,500 to the list price of a CK70 or CN70. Also, it looks as though the devices will be ready to ship in the second quarter of this year, although orders can be taken at the moment, I believe.

Oh, just in case you are wondering – it isn’t possible to retrofit your old Intermec devices with new RFID capability. It needs to be ordered from the factory this way!

Do you use handheld RFID devices in your operation? How do you like the look of the new Intermec devices? We are an Intermec business partner, so let us know if we can help!

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