Self Laminating Cable Labels

Cable Labels Winco IDBeen busy today printing up some cable labels for a client.

These are the self laminating ones – the white printed part is applied to the cable first and the clear part wrapped over it, creating a very durable mark that is immune to just about any rough treatment.

Some of these labels can be tricky to set up on the printer (we use H-Class printers from Datamax for these jobs), but this particular one is easy.

As with a lot of the variable print jobs we do, the customer sent us the data for the labels in Excel and we connected the spreadsheets to our BarTender software to populate the labels with the correct data. I took a few minutes to create a test format as well – that’s the one you see in the photo.

We have printed up UID cable labels for some customers, using a Datamatrix barcode encoded to MIL-STD-130. Need to be careful with the size of the code and the diameter of the cable in these cases – there are rule for the diameter/height of code ratio to ensure the code is actually readable when applied to the cable.

If you have a need to get printed markers for your cable assemblies, there are a couple of ways we can help.

We are always happy print the labels here at the WincoPlex and we can also provide printers, software and blank labels so you can print your own – training and support to get you up and running too!

So if you need to mark cables, wires or pretty much anything, give me a call at 603-598-1553.


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