Zebra iMZ Mobile Printers

Zebra's iMZ Series Mobile PrinterOur friends at Zebra have been busy in the new product department of late and a good example is the range of iMZ printers.

As Apple mobile devices become more common in retail environments, the need to be able to print from iPhones and iPads is becoming more important.

At the big NRF Show that is happening right now, Zebra is introducing the iMZ220 and iMZ320 models that can connect to iOS devices over Bluetooth. (I guess with Mr. Jobs departed, companies are no longer afraid to put that lower case i in front of their product names?).

This is a great feature for retail businesses that are using Apple devices for mobile Point of Sale – the salesperson can complete the sale and print the customer receipt right on the spot.

The iMZ printers are the first Zebra products to use a new operating system- Link-OS – that promises to make it simple to connect Zebra products to a range of devices and applications.

We don’t do a huge amount of business in the retail world, but it seems to me that we will see some opportunities to use these ideas in more industrial applications and healthcare as well – mobility is becoming increasingly important in both.

Check out this demo from the NRF Show:

Would Apple iOS connectivity help in your labeling operations? What would you use this feature for?

I don’t believe the new models are available just yet, but we will be happy to supply them as soon as they are. Call me at 603-598-1553 x237

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