Asset Tracking for Hospitals

Asset tracking for hospitalsIf you are responsible for keeping track of assets in a healthcare facility, you probably have your hands full!

Two of the main types of expensive assets that need to be kept under control are IT products and medical equipment.

There was a time when the IT assets were easy to track – PCs, servers and printers probably didn’t move around too much. Today though, healthcare IT is getting mobilized. The computer might well be an iPad, the printer might be sitting on a mobile cart instead of a desk.

Same with the medical equipment, sure the MRI machine probably doesn’t wander around the hospital, but a lot of other pieces of equipment are moved a lot – and fast! If important equipment can’t be found when needed, it is bad news for the patient.

The good news is that barcode and RFID based asset tracking systems can help keep track of things.

Here at Winco ID. we can offer several solutions for keeping track of all kinds of items – using barcodes as part of a simple check-in/check-out system to know who is the current custodian of items to sophisticated programs that combine RFID and video for secure asset tracking.

We’ve teamed up with some of the smartest software companies in the business to be able to provide hospitals and other healthcare organizations with asset tracking solutions from the simple RedBeam through Intellitrack to SimplyRFID.

Call me at 603-598-1553 to start getting your assets under control!

How does your hospital or healthcare organization keep track of all its assets? Any great solutions you’d like to share?



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