Drum Labeling Solution for BS5609 – ChemShield

Datamax ChemShield LabelsDo you need to comply with the BS5609 standard for chemical drum labeling?

With our partner, Datamax-O’Neil, we can put together a great solution to get you into compliance now and also be ready for the upcoming GHS rule which takes effect in 2015.

We can provide certified Datamax ChemShield labels, both blank and pre-printed – for thermal and laser printers.

Just getting started with BS5609 compliance? We can put together a complete solution that consists of the compliant labels (designed to your exact needs), Datamax H-Class printer and our BarTender labeling software – complete with custom label templates.

In addition, the famous Winco support makes sure everything works smoothly.

Datamax ChemShield Labels Testing for BS5609

Testing the Labels BS5609

By the way, the BS5609 Standard asks that the labels are able to survive a 3 month dip in the English Channel and as part of the testing processes, that is what the sample labels were subjected to.

The photo here shows blank labels being tested for adhesive properties, but the color printed ones (available with black, red, blue yellow and orange print) go through the same certification process. The thermal printable coating on the label is also certified to BS5609 as long as you use one of our approved resin ribbons.

Where ever you are in your compliance process, give me call at 603-598-1553 x237. We love to talk labels and I’m sure we can help you out.

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