Hospital Labs Doing More With Barcodes

Barcoding in hospital labMany hospital labs are using barcodes to accurately identify and track specimens/samples from receiving them at the lab, through testing and processing. This identification is the link to providing the right results for the right patient and updating the right medical record.

In the beginning, hospitals started using barcodes within a specific department for a specific purpose. There is a growing trend, particularly in healthcare partly due to HIPAA compliance, to use barcode systems for identification and tracking from one department to another as well as in isolated department applications.

The barcode is a reliable link for identification and tracking of specimens from department to department, processing within the lab itself, and when shipped to an outside facility for further testing or storage. Barcode systems are now commonly used in the lab to track assets, simplify inventory control, reorder supplies, automate administrative tasks.

For example, this illustration shows some of the most popular uses of barcodes both within a hospital lab and throughout a hospital facility.

A Hospital Lab must be able to scan/read an incoming barcoded item/specimen as well as print barcodes that other internal and external departments can read.
Can your Hospital Lab accurately and efficiently receive specimens from Phlebotomy, identify and prioritize processing of STAT samples? Are you using barcodes to keep track of valuable assets and replenish stock automatically? Are you getting the most out of your existing barcode system or planning to implement a new one?

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