Intermec PM43 – Command Language and Drivers

Intermec PM43 If you’ve read my review of the new Intermec PM43 printer family, you’ll have seen that I’ve had all kinds of issues with drivers and operating systems.

I finally got to have a conversation with Karl Perry (one of Intermec’s printer gurus) and he was kind enough to explain why things are the way they turned out and provide some hints for trouble free installations.

First thing when starting up a new printer, there are some choices to be made. This is really important because an incorrect selection here can prevent things from working properly.

The printer uses the Intermec Fingerprint printer command language by default. Seems an odd choice since Fingerprint isn’t the most common app for Intermec printers in the field. I believe it is this way because fingerprint is the native language for the machine and the other command languages are emulations.

From the manual:

The printer supports these command languages:
• Direct Protocol (DP)
• IPL (Intermec Printer Language)
• ZSim (ZPL command language simulator)
• DSim (DPL command language simulator)

OK, so which one should you use?

If you are in the US (as most of our readers are) your inclination is probably to choose IPL. If you have Intermec printers already, chances are they use the Intermec IPL language so we should use the same on the new printer -right?

Well, maybe!

Seagull Drivers Intermec PM43

Seagull Drivers for PM43 IPL

If you are currently printing by sending IPL files to the printer, then IPL is the way to go. If, on the other hand, you use Label software such as BarTender, Intermec suggests using Direct Protocol (DP) command language instead.

Intermec reinforces this by the fact there is not an IPL driver for the PM43 in the set of Intermec print drivers that comes with the printer (or is downloadable from the Intermec site). Note that Intermec’s drivers are made by Seagull Scientific and there is an IPL driver for these printers available from Seagull direct – confused yet?

Use Teklynx software? From what I can see, only DP drivers are available for PM43 from these guys.

Anyway, enough of that, here is my thought as to which command language is best for different scenarios:

  • Using Fingerprint Smartprinting apps? Fingerprint
  • Sending IPL label files to the printer? IPL
  • Using BarTender or other software? Direct Protocol (DP)
  • Sending labels as Zebra ZPL files? ZSim (Zebra simulation)
  • Sending labels as Datamax DPL Files? DSim (Datamax simulation)

Oh, one scenario I haven’t mentioned is when you are using IPL files that were used by very old Intermec legacy models. To get these to work properly you might have to use IPL and also set the printer into Legacy Mode. We had tried this at a client’s facility (with some success, but not 100%) and found that the command to set the printer into legacy mode was very well hidden – involved sending a command to the printer via HyperTerminal.

Thinking of buying a PM43 printer? If you get one from us (and Intermec has some nice trade-in deals going on right now, so it could be a good time to do it) make sure you include our installation and training as part of your purchase.

What set up would I use with BarTender? I’d put my printer in DP mode and get the PM43 DP driver from Seagull. With any luck we’ll be getting a new PM43 here soon – I’ll report back how everything goes.


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  1. http://Karl%20Perry says

    Nice summary, David. A few clarifications:

    IPL is indeed the more popular language for US users. However, in Europe and much of the world Direct Protocol is more popular.

    Fingerprint is a general-purpose programming language, like BASIC. Direct Protocol (DP) is the label design language built into Fingerprint. So choosing either Fingerprint or DP is essentially the same.

    For those running BarTender from Seagull Software, either their driver or InterDriver works. Just set the printer to Fingerprint or DP and you’re off and running.

  2. http://David says

    Great, thanks Karl.
    Next time there is a new product, the company should have you as the point man to explain some of this stuff.

  3. http://Gary%20Hagood says

    Great information, thanks to both of you!

  4. http://David says

    Thanks, Gary.
    Hope things are going well!

  5. http://Doug%20Titsing says

    Can any of you knowledgable people tell me why I moved an intermec printer to a new IP but it prints a few types of labels at the old IP address and the bulk of them at the new address?

  6. http://David%20Holliday says

    That’s interesting Doug. Does the printer have a fixed IP Address or are you using DHCP? If ypu like, I can run your question by our Intermec techie friends.

  7. http://amol%20nimbalkar says

    can we print IPL or DP lables using zebra printer ?

  8. http://David%20Holliday says

    Yes, Zebra printers can emulate both Datamax (DPL) and Intermec (IPL) files.
    You might have to do a little fine tuning to get everything right – personally I prefer to use the printer manufacturer who’s language is used for the labels, although I appreciate this isn’t always possible.

  9. http://Tom%20Reynolds says

    Maybe someone can point me in the correct direction. We have a new Intermec PD42. We have an existing print job that was programmed in Zebra Print Language, so we set the PD42 to ZSim. But what driver do I load on my print server? The drivers I got from Seagull include IPL, DP, ESim, but not ZSim.
    Any ideas would be appreciated!


    I was stuck on command language setting one of these up for my job and you were by FAR leagues more helpful than intermecs garbage website!

  11. http://David%20Holliday says

    I’ve not been involved with this printer for a while, but I did find the documentation to be a little sparse. Hopefully it has improved now that the product is more mature.

  12. http://Rudy says

    I am trying to setup a Zebra ZT230 to Print Intermec Fingerprint language. How can this be done because Zebra site does not point you any where.

  13. http://David%20Holliday says

    Rudy, I don’t believe the ZT230 is able to emulate the Fingerprint language.

  14. http://Karthik%20Sivasu says

    I want to print special characters like é , ô , ç in intermec. Iam using pd43 model, below is the code i sent to printer but it doesn’t print those characters as is. Rather it prints û`

    FONT “Swiss 721 Bold BT”, 16, 10
    DIR 4
    ALIGN 7
    PRPOS 500,50
    PRTXT “é è ô Ö ç à î û”

  15. http://David%20Holliday says

    Hi Karthik, it has been a long time since I’ve used the Intermec printers so I’m not sure I can help you.
    There is a reference guide on fonts and Intermec you can find here: that might be helpful.

  16. http://Stefan%20Sørvin says

    Hi David,

    I have been researching the web thin for a solution to my problem with the driver of a Honeywell (Intermec) PC43t printer.
    The printer have a fixed IP address and is installed on a server where it’s shared.

    We use the driver: “Intermec PC43t (203 DPi) – DP” and we have unstable connectivity issues.
    I have tried to check the boks: “Bidirectional Communication” and “Configuration Sharing” under Properties – Tool – Driver Options og Network Settings.

    Basically we have two issues that is related:
    1: Connectivity issue, when a user goes into the printer properties or generally manage the printer, he/she will get an error sometimes.

    2: The configuration (barcodes etc) is bot being shared from the printer on the server.

    The first thing we did was check the firewall since it uses 6160 (Bidirectional Communication), and it turns out it did block the connection.
    The funny thing is, – when a user that haven’t had the printer before adds the printer, it works perfectly! But when a user that have had the printer before the firewall was changed to accommodate this, adds the printer it will have the same settings that doesn’t work.
    I have tried removing the printer and adding it again, removing the driver… nothing seems to work. It’s like it still have some settings deep in the belly of that computer.
    I’m kinda running out of next steps and hope you can give me some advice or anything helpful really.

    Best regards

  17. http://David%20Holliday says

    Hi Stefan – I’m sorry, but I’ve not worked with the Intermec printers for a long time now. I can only suggest you get in touch with Honeywell support (the owner of the Intermec brand these days) and try and get assistance there.

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