It’s Official – Black Still the New Black!

Black Durable Labels Winco ID My friend Donny who prints a lot of the press printed labels here at ID Technology’s Nashua, NH plant, showed me these cool black polyester labels he had been converting.

Custom made for a particular client, the labels are made from durable white polyester film which is floodcoated in black, then covered with a durable thermal transfer printable over-laminate.

The result is a beautiful deep black label, able to stand up to tough conditions just like our white and silver polyesters.

When I saw the labels, I felt compelled to get out one of our thermal transfer printers and see how easy it was to get good printing results.

You can see in my photo, they print nicely – I used a white resin ribbon, but a silver ribbon would look good too. The Datamatrix code verifies just as well as the usual black on white print.

Need a label even tougher for very high temperatures? No problem, we have a black polyimide Kapton label material as well.

ID Technology makes a complete range of durable labels, for electronics, aerospace and many other industries.

Want to get started with upgrading your labeling systems?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.

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