Most Beautiful Barcodes Ever

2dArtCode 1

Even though I’d class myself as a rather enthusiastic barcode guy, I’ve never thought I’d want to hang a barcode on my wall. Let’s face it, as useful as that Code 128 or even the QR Codes might be, they are not going to be winning any beauty contests.

However, the other day Bret daCosta at 2D ArtCode reached out to me and I got to check out his unbelievably clever work. I’ve seen some examples of his ArtCodes before, without knowing much about them.

2D ArtCode Microsoft TagBret uses Microsoft Tag as the format for his work and he had seen an article I’d written about using MS Tag as part of our business card design. Of course, Bret’s work totally blows our efforts away!

The examples I’ve posted here (with Bret’s permission of course!) are functioning barcodes and can be scanned with the Microsoft Tag smartphone app – if you don’t have it, head over the app store for your phone type or visit the Microsoft Tag site for more info.  If you can’t scan the codes on your monitor it might be because I’ve re-sized the images somewhat to fit our page template.

Check out more stunning examples over at Bret’s Art for Sale page. He can also work with clients for corporate logos and a bunch of other applications.

Bret daCosta’s are the coolest working barcodes I’ve even seen – what do you think?


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