Competitive Businesses Benefit From Real-Time Intelligence


Knowing how to get ahead can save your life if a bear is running after you. Similarly, you need the right information at just the right time to run your business in a competitive environment.

RTI (real-time intelligent) systems are all about real-time information, gathered from a variety of sources, analyzed and then presented to managers and employees in an immediately actionable form.

The key words are “immediate” and “actionable.” Access to real-time information is moving away from “nice to have” to necessary to manage your business. Businesses rely on this information for planning purposes. For example, inventory shortages known before it affects the production lines may be fixed before causing more costly problems.

Dr. Peter Green, of Bellhawk Systems Corporation, has written a great white paper titled, “Using Intelligent Systems to Gain Competitive Advantage“.  This white paper will explain how you can use real-time intelligent systems technology to cut costs and increase sales.

In this paper we have examined a number of ways in which industrial organizations can use real-time intelligent systems technology to increase their sales and decrease their costs. The author has assisted a wide variety of industrial companies to apply these techniques. The biggest lesson learned from these projects is that information technology is not an expense. Instead can be a formidable competitive weapon that companies need to learn to use, otherwise they will be driven out of business by competitors who have mastered the use of this technology.
Dr. Peter Green, BellHawk Systems Corporation

Dr. Peter Green is the author of many useful and informative white papers. Click on image to go to BellHawk’s download page.

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