Winery Adopts RFID – Happy Workers – Better Products

It seemed in the beginning, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) was complicated and commonly used in Defense, and large manufacturing companies.

Today, we see creative uses of RFID by the food industry from the growing fields to the processing plants to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Bodega Norton is a winery in the Mendoza area of Argentina. They were using a “chip” system to track the bins of grapes each field worker collected. Once a week all the chips collected were sorted, counted and used to pay the workers. All too often, chips were lost or miscounted. The workers knew this affected their hard earned wages and the company knew the time could be better spent on harvesting than on counting. They looked for an answer.

The winery implemented an RFID system to replace the chip-system. See the field operations in action:

Now the workers are happier; they like the new system and feel better knowing their pay is accurate. The winery is spending more time in the field and less on administrative tasks such as counting.

“Hand picking is the only way to harvest grapes properly to ensure the best wine, and at Bodega Norton, people bring to life the winery — if you cultivate the best people, they will help you produce the best wine,” says Pablo Minatelli, vineyard manager for Bodega Norton.

“Due to the efficiencies of the new system, we pay better than other vineyards, and that means we attract the best harvesters… With the best people and reduced administrative time and expense, we get a better harvest and yield.”

RFID, Labeling, Barcoding For Results

Bodega Norton saw an opportunity to improve their product and productivity starting in the growing fields using RFID.

Today, we see RFID being used for identification, automating time-consuming processes, tracking of inventory, check-in, check-out, access control, and supply chain traceability.

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