Why Winco Thermal Ribbons?

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Winco ID Thermal Transfer ribbons are not all the same.

Here at Winco ID we have worked with some of the best thermal ribbon manufactures to put together a ribbon line up that compliments our label and printer solutions.

We know you want the best print quality and the longest printhead life – all at the lowest cost and we are able to deliver this.

Take our 2400 Enhanced Wax ribbon for example. This printing ribbon has been specially formulated to give excellent print quality, even at high printer speeds, and the wax formulation is enhanced with resin to give better print durability than most wax ribbons.

The back side of the ribbon is specially treated to be gentle on your printheads – so much so that we’ll guarantee your printhead for up to 4 million linear inches of labels if you use our 2400 ribbon exclusively. That’s 4 times the printhead warranty most printer manufacturers will give you. Of course, we expect you to carry our basic maintenance on your printers – keeping the printhead clean is the best way to ensure it gives best results and lasts as long as possible.

Even better, the ink formulation used in the 2400 ribbon dissipates static electricity (one of the leading causes of breakdown in print quality) and is versatile enough to give great results on a wide range of different label materials.

As well as the 2400 Enhanced Wax Ribbon, we specialize in all resin ribbons for more demanding applications. Our 8700 resin is very well proven in a lot of tough applications in the electronics, defense, medical device and many other industries.

Want to learn more? Call us at 603-598-1553. We can not only work with you to find the best performing thermal transfer ribbon for your labeling job, there is a great chance we can save you money too! Tell us about you application and we’ll send you a sample to check out on your printer.

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