Printed Info on a Shipping Carton Changed – Don’t Throw It Away

A pre-printed shipping carton provides a way to economically package your product(s), enhance your company’s image, and makes your product easy to find during transportation or at the end-user warehouse.

There is a risk, however, that pre-printed information may change before your inventory is completely used.  Some examples are address, name of product, colors, descriptions, instructions for storage or transportation, contents, and such. This can be in text format or even the barcode.

The cartons in inventory could not be used unless the barcode preprinted on the box could be changed.

The cartons in inventory could not be used unless the barcode preprinted on the box could be changed.

box label

The cartons could be used by placing a label printed with the new barcode over the original. Cost Savings!

This is the case you see here. The customer had the barcode pre-printed on the carton. This was most likely a good economical choice at the time. But now, the barcode was not valid. They could no longer ship using these cartons with this barcode.

By using a label printed with the new barcode, the shipping cartons left in stock could be used by applying the new barcode label over the older information.

Since the label was far less expensive than loosing all the cartons in stock, it was a cost saving to the customer.

For those of us who have a green conscience, this solution provided a happier ending.

A label is usually thought of as a way to add information such as in a barcode, or a graphic. In some cases, though, labels are used to “cover or change” existing information.

With a little creativity, a label with a barcode can go a long way to solving many industry related problems. So next time you need to attach tracking information, provide traceability, organize your inventory, identify your products, think of a label.

WincoID is a label manufacturer with expertise in using barcodes for  identification, traceability and authenticity.

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