Time To Say Goodbye

perley-cakeCongratulations to Perley Wheeler, who has decided to trade  full-time employment for the good life of retirement. As of Friday, April 5, Perley will retire from Winco ID.

Perley came to Winco almost 12 years ago, and has worked in the shipping department ever since. Any shipment delivered to your dock was most likely packaged and processed by Perley. Well-organized and efficient, Perley has always done an outstanding job of keeping the shipping department, as well as the entire warehouse, in good order.


Stan, Perley, and John

We are all very fond of Perley and appreciate the many years of great work he has done for Winco ID.  Says Stan Kosidlo, Managing Director, “Perley has always been absolutely reliable. We could count on him to be here and get the job done, each and every day.”

Perley’s job involves lots of physical activity and attention to detail, so now he plans to slow down, but just a bit. He will start a part-time job, and do some renovations on the home he shares with his wife and co-worker, Noreen Wheeler.


Noreen and Perley

Good luck Perley in your future endeavors. We will all miss you and wish you and Noreen the very best!

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