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logos of printer brandsOver the last few years, we’ve worked with the best barcode label printer manufacturers, helped a lot of clients to identify the best printer model for their label application and serviced/supported thousands of systems.

We’ve also posted a number of helpful (well, I think so anyway!) articles here at Labeling News that are intended to help our clients pick the best models and get them to do what they need as easily as possible.

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a post with links to some of my favorite barcode label printer stories we’ve included on the site.

Buying a Label Printer: Do you need to purchase a new label printer for your organization? Here are some of the factors you should be taking into account.

Barcode Printer Resolution: The printhead resolution of your label printer makes a big difference to the size of barcode you can print, the overall print quality and the price. This post is intended to show the possible barcode sizes that can be produced using particular printhead resolutions.

Comparing Label Printers: With so many brands and models to choose from, how does one know where to start? This post includes a nice feature comparison table that our friends at Datamax had included on their website.

Which Printer? Industrial or Desktop? With businesses looking to cut costs, we often see clients wanting to use low cost plastic desktop printers for applications where a heavier industrial model would have been used in the past. Is this a good idea? This article might help you decide.

Common Printer Problem & Solutions: Yes, even today, issues can arise with label printing. There are just so many variables involved in getting the perfect prints every time. This article looks at some common printing issues and discusses the solutions.

We’ve also reviewed a number of printers over the last few years (click here for a Google search of our printer reviews) and also taken the industry to task for lack of innovation.

Is your label printer not working properly? Download our eBook on Reliable Barcode Printer Performance for hints on getting things going again. You can also contact us and we’ll get the industry’s best service and support team on the case for you.

What’s best for your printing application – flathead or near edge technology?

Is your label printer getting on in years? Maybe it’s no longer supported by the manufacturer. Here are some good reasons to keep it going a while longer.

Of course, there are also good reasons to replace it today with a shiny new one!

Here at Winco ID, we are a business partner of all the major label printer manufacturers and have over 30 years experience of solving labeling and printing problems  Whether you need hardware, software, labels/ribbons or barcode printer service, we are always here to help. What can Winco ID do for you? Call me at 603-598-1553 x237

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