Labeling News for PCB and Electronic Components

PCB LabelsWhen labeling printed circuit board (PCB) and components, you need a label that will perform under some of the most extreme processing and use environments.

The label itself and the printed or barcoded information must survive high heat, exposure to chemicals, washes, and abrasion. Special material labels, such as antistatic, reduce/eliminate the damage from volts of static charge when the label is peeled from its liner.

There are many considerations to labeling specific to the electronics industry. So how can you keep up with what’s new and what works?

Labeling News for Labeling Electronic Components and PCB

As a manufacturer of durable labels for the electronics industry with in depth knowledge of barcode printing and implementation, ID Technology created Labeling News.

Here you will find all sorts of articles, specifically for the electronics industry, discover new materials to improve your labeling, and to provide complete solutions. Here is a brief sampling of what you will find on Labeling News:

Also, be sure to download your copy of our E-book, Labeling For Electronics.

Electronic assembly, contract manufacturers, and suppliers to the DoD have specific labeling needs.

Do you need to spec a label for an electronic part, comply with MIL-STD-130 and UID (Unique Identification) for the DoD, or a labeling requirement from your customer and need help, please give ID Technology a call at (817) 626-7779 or contact us here.

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