Intermec’s New SF61B Scanner

Intermec SF61B Barcode Scanner

SF61B Rugged Version

Intermec seems to have some pretty creative designers around these days and it is always interesting to see what they come up with next.

I really like the styling of some of the newer Intermec mobile computers and the latest PM43 printers. The new flashlight style barcode scanners? Hmm, I’m not totally sold on these, but Intermec seems to like it, with a couple of new versions arriving on the scene. These are pretty small, about 6 inches long and 1.5 inches square in cross section.

The new scanners are both designated as SF61B, one being a robust version and the other, the SF61B Healthcare, being designed for healthcare applications.

The rugged version claims to be able to survive 26 drops to concrete from over 6ft – not bad for such a small form factor device. It also comes with a choice of several of Intermec’s linear and imager scan engines. The healthcare version comes with just one scanner option, the EA31 Imager – a decent scanner from the tests we’ve done.

SF61B Healthcare Scanner

SF61B Healthcare Version

The SF61B’s also have pretty good Bluetooth functionality and are easy to pair with iOS and Android devices. Intermec claims a Bluetooth working range of over 100 yards outside and about 100 ft in normal indoor environments. Also should complete over 20,000 scans on one battery charge.

To help the user make the most of these new devices, there are several accessories available. Because the user often needs to have both hands free, there are belt clips, a chest strap holder (seems a bit overkill for a device so small) and a wrist strap – some of these have magnetic quick releases. Of course, the usual selection of chargers and batteries is there as well as a Bluetooth base-station.

The Intermec engineers have done a good job in getting a full featured (it can be set up with the Easyset program along with the rest of the Intermec scanners) into a small but robust package. I’m still not sure if I don’t prefer the original scanner form-factor though – that my just be because I’m getting old and set in my ways.

I wonder if these will help me find the way in a power outage too?

Check out the Intermec datasheets:

SF61B Rugged Scanner

SF61B Healthcare Scanner

What do you think? Would a flashlight form-factor scanner work for you? Want to buy some? Just call me at 603-598-1553 x237.


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