Afinia L801 Memjet Colour Label Printer

Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer

Afinia L801 Memjet Printer

If you’ve been looking through the world of Memjet based label printers, you might have come across this one – the Afinia L801 Memjet Printer.

Not only does this Afinia look remarkably like the VIPColor VP700 printer, it is confirmed as being the exact same machine.

Which one of these companies actually builds the machine? The Afinia and the VP are both made by Venture Corporation. VIPColor’s parent company.

The Afinia L801 printer was introduced to the US market in April 2013 and the VIPColor VP700 is due to arrive here in September. It is available already in Asia so there is plenty of information online already.

Being a Memjet based printer, all the usual specifications and features are included – high resolution, high speeds, the ability to print up to 8 inch wide labels.

All very interesting.

VIPColor VP700 Afinia L801

VP700 vs Afinia L801

Which should you buy? Well, we’ve partnered with VIPColor to sell the VP700. We checked out just about all the Memjet printers available and thought the VP700 offered the best combination of features and pricing. Why purchase your Memjet printer from ID Technology? While a lot of people jumping on the colour printing bandwagon are startup companies, we have been providing quality industrial printing solutions since 1980 and have service and support that covers the United States. With local support across the US and Canada, we can make sure your printing operation works perfectly – all the time!

Interested in introducing colour printing to your operation? Give me a call at 603-598-1553 and we’ll get you started on finding the solution that works best for YOU!

If you use any Memjet based label printers already, I love to hear of your experiences. Are there additional versions of this particular printer that I’ve missed?

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  1. Hi my name is Olivier in France and I would like to buy a Memjet printer Afinia or VP700. Could you tell me the differences between those machines, what’s about the cartriges the same for both, firmware, drivers, manufacturers … they are the same ? Could you help me ? Many thanks

  2. David Holliday says:

    Hi Cyril, as far as I can tell the two printers are identical.

    They are built in Malaysia by Venture Corporation which is the parent company of VIP Color.

    All Memjet printers use the same Memjet print engine which is purchased by the OEM to build their machine around. This means that the ink system, the label feed mechanism and the the ink supply is the same for all Memjet customers who use this platform.

    The firmware in the VP700 and the Afinia is going to be slightly different since the display shows the companies logo and other customized messages – the functionality will be the same.

    As for the driver, I’ve never install the Afinia version so I can’t compare it with the one from VIP Color.

    Which should you buy? I’d say you should go with the company that offers you the best support in France. We decided to partner with VIP Color and have been very happy with working with them, here in the US. I have a VP700 sitting here on my desk – I have to print some sample labels for some customers with it this morning.

    I hope this helps!

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