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POWERED BY pRO mACHNow that Winco ID is a part of ID Technology, we also belong to the wider Pro Mach family.

Pro Mach, Inc. has become one of the largest packaging equipment companies here in the US and has acquired many well known machinery brands over the last few years – you can check out the Pro Mach fact sheet, listing all the current family member companies here.

Over the years, both here on Labeling News and in my Twitter posts, I’ve never been shy of the fact that I’m an enthusiastic small business supporter and you might wonder how the transition to such a large organization is going to work out.

The good news is that there is every indication that our small business goodness is not going to disappear as we continue to work on our integration into our new home.

Even though Pro Mach is the owner of a wide range of packaging equipment companies, at the corporate level, the business is very lean with the managers of the various operating companies seeming to have a lot of control over how their businesses are run.

Our little New England business is now part of ID Technology and we are the North East Regional Office. We’ll continue to take care of all our existing Winco customers as well as New England based ID Technology clients. All the people in the Winco sales team are excited to be able to offer our customers a wider range of products, such as the ID Technology line of Printer Applicators and new coding technologies such as inkjet and laser.

Another Pro Mach business that is with ID Technology in the Identification and Tracking division is Labeling Systems, Inc. (LSI). I’ve known this company for years, both as a competitor and later as a customer.

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Businesses That Are Powered by Pro Mach

Other Pro Mach divisions include companies involved in primary packaging, such as bagging, wrapping, filling and capping as end-of-line packaging such as case packing and palletizing – some very cool stuff. ID Technology solutions fit into both of these categories as well as many others.

As you can see, our new family covers a wide part of the packaging business. We’ll be featuring some of the businesses and people of Pro Mach here in Labeling News in future articles.

In the meantime, we are enjoying making the transition to becoming part of Pro Mach/ID Technology and getting to meet our new colleagues. Sure things are going to be different, but we’ll work hard to make all the changes positive. You can be sure our small business attitude won’t be going away too!

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