VIPColor VP700 Memjet Printer

VP700 colour printer - winco idYou might have read my review of the VIPColor printer VP495 that I posted a while ago. While this printer generally gives pretty good results, I was wishing that it was more industrial and used a printing system that would be faster than the moving head inkjet method. Is is clear that the colour printer market is swiftly moving towards the Memjet concept and I was wishing that VIPColor would come up with such a device.

Well, my wishes have been (kind of) granted. A new printer model, the VP700, is indeed more VP700 printer from VPColorindustrial and Memjet based. The downside for a lot of us is that the product is currently only available in Asia (where I believe it is built). **See update below.

Looking at the specifications (available at the VIPColor Singapore site) the VP700 seems to be rather impressive. Certainly the new model is more of an industrial machine than previous printers – it has a proper metal construction and incorporates on-demand printer features such as cutter and print/hold (doesn’t have peel/present though, as far as I can tell). I really like the fact the printer is properly integrated, rather than having the separate unwind station of the VP495.

One thing to note is that while the print from the VP700 is likely to be pretty durable, the resulting labels will almost certainly not have the durability needed to meet BS5609 so if you are needing to meet the GHS Labeling mandate, you might need to look at a different solution such as the VP495.

**UPDATE:  The VP700 is officially available in the US, you can buy one (or more) from us!

Here at ID Technology, we have tons of ways of helping you with your colour or other label printing projects, including being able to offer the VP700. Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x 237 to get started.


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