Colordyne CDT: 1600 C Memjet Printer

I hope you are not getting bored with my search for the perfect Memjet based label printer.

This time I’m taking a look at Colordyne’s offering, the CDT: 1600 C. Like all the other Memjet powered devices, it has the usual 1600 DPI resolution, a print width of something more than 8 inches and prints at speeds that would have been unimaginable for such a small printer, just a few years ago.

colordyne cdt: 1600 c printerIt is interesting that Colordyne doesn’t seem to even think of the CDT: 1600 C as a label printer – on its website the printer is referred to as a Continuous Roll Digital Color Printer.

The CDT: 1600 C does indeed look much more like a narrow web printing device than it does an on demand label printer. It does however have the usual features we find in the Memjet label printers, including the cut and the rewind modes.

The Colordyne people have told us that what separated their machine from the rest of the Memjet crowd is how the CDT: 1600 C manages the inks and the colours. It seems that Colordyne has developed code that allows better matching of colours and uses less ink as a bonus. Colordyne claims that its printer can produce full colour digital printed labels at the same cost as monochrome. Hmm, I wonder?

In any event, along with the VIPColor VP700, the Afinia L801 and the Trojan one, the CDT: 1600 C represents the current level of Memjet technology for label printing. What I’m interested in is what comes next.

Do you have any experience of the Colordyne CDT: 1600 C printer? What do you think about it?

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