Intermec PM23c Label Printer

New PM23c printer from intermec

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It is nice to see that the Intermec engineers have not been sitting around waiting for the Honeywell merger to finalize. A new product from their efforts has just been released, the PM23c Compact Barcode Label Printer.

The new printer is basically a smaller version of the PM43c, repackaged to use a 2.2 inches wide printhead. The PM43c is already a really small full-featured printer, but for someone who doesn’t need a 4 inch wide label, this new model might be just the job.

Intermec PM23c label printer

Intermec PM23c Printer

Just like its siblings, the PM23c comes with Intermec’s range of resolutions, 203, 300 and 406 dpi as well as the same connectivity options as the other PM printers. Looking to have the ability to write and run applications on your printer? You’re in luck – the PM23c has inherited the Smartprinting with C# programming that is available in the other printers in the range. As you can see from the family portrait, the PM23c retains the nice touchscreen interface as well.

This looks to be a nice little printer, perfect for distributed printing jobs that need good quality labeling but where space is at a premium. Shame there is no 600 DPI though – would make a great printer for the electronics companies with that option!

What do you think? Would this new printer fit into your labeling operations? We are an Intermec partner, so call me at 603-598-1553 x237 if you want to talk printers. You can also download the datasheet from Intermec for more info.


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