Label Printer Applicators in Harsh Environments

ID Technology Model 252 Label Printer ApplicatorUsing a label printer applicator speeds up the labeling task tremendously, giving you the time and cost saving benefits you just won’t realize using manual labeling. But if you need to label in a dusty, cold, or other difficult environment, you can still operate a label printer applicator effectively.

Harsh Temperatures

A print engine typically has a recommended temperature range in which it can perform optimally. In a cold environment, a print engine can’t properly print information onto a label. In this case, a simple print engine heater may be the solution. A heater is mounted to the print engine to blow warm air into the print engine and raise the operating temperature to an optimal range.print-enclosure

In freezer environments, some type of cold environment enclosure may be required. The enclosure can be made of Lexan or stainless steel. The enclosure has an opening (removable or hinged) through which the application module extends and retracts. Depending upon the temperature, the enclosure may include an industrial heater to blow hot air and raise the temperature so the label printer applicator can perform optimally.

Dust or Corrosive Particles

Some environments have dust, fiber, or other particles floating in the air, which can get inside the print engine, on the labels, or get drawn into the vacuum ports of the applicator’s enclosure2tamp pad. Sometimes the solution is a simple air kit mounted to the print engine to redirect airflow away from the openings of the print engine. In areas of heavy dust and debris, a large enclosure with the positive air kit pressurizes the enclosure to keep particulates out.

Wet Environments

In many processing plants, equipment needs to be cleaned frequently. Therefore it is important that the printer applicator be able to withstand water and cleaning products. Solutions range from a removable Lexan enclosure to a stainless steel enclosure to protect the equipment and minimize downtime.

IDT 455 washdown printer applicator

IDT 455 System for Wet Environments

Read about our Model 455 Washdown System and see a quick video of how it is completely protected in a wet environment.

No matter where or how you apply your labels, we have the right labeling solution for you. We can design a custom identification system for your particular environment and integrate it into your existing process. Give us a call at (603) 598-1553 today to find out more.

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