Your Zebra, Sato, Datamax Print Engine Need Replacing?

Zebra Sato Datamax Print EnginesIs your old Print Engine from Sato, Zebra or Datamax getting to the point where it is slowing you down? Maybe it is an older non-supported model and you can no longer get parts for it?

Don’t worry, this is a good time to think of updating to the latest model from one of the big three print engine manufactures. Zebra, Sato and Datamax are all still running their 2013 trade-in deals which offer good saving from the usual price.

Add to the savings the fact that the newer model print engines are more reliable and easier to maintain and your cost of ownership comes down and your uptime goes up – seems like a good deal to me.

As one of the largest customers of the print engine manufacturers, our pricing is always competitive, even without the trade-ins – combine everything, along with our ID Technology service and support and you are ready to go. You might want to check out our super line up of Label Printer Applicators too!

Interested in giving your labeling system a great update? Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 and I’ll get you in touch with a labeling expert right in your area.


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