Zebra ZT400 Barcode Label Printer

Zebra ZT400 printer at PackExpo show

Casey from Zebra with the new ZT400 Printer

While I was at the PackExpo show, I got the chance to see the latest Zebra Industrial Printer – the new ZT400.

The ZT400 is clearly based on the ZT200 series and is intended to be the replacement for the ZM series. I believe that the ZT400 (a 4 inch printer) will also have a 6 inch print width relative at some point as well.

This new printer is a welcome addition from Zebra, and looks to be a nice upgrade from the ZM. We are not fans of that model which has never seemed to have the look and quality that one would normally expect from Zebra. The ZT200 set things going in the right direction and the ZT400 looks to be set to continue that trend.

The new machine certainly looks more industrial (like a Zebra printer actually) and has some nice features. Gone is the unloved cantilevered printhead mounting of the ZM and the much improved version from the ZT200 is used instead.

The ZT400 also gets rid of one of my other big issues with previous Zebra printers; having to click through the whole menu to get where you want to be on the front panel – the new printer has a proper menu structure (although the user can choose to use the old menu if preferred).

Like all new Zebra products these days, the ZT400 comes with the LinkOS making the ZT400 easily able to connect to cloud applications and the Internet of Things It is also possible to communicate with a smartphone or tablet device which can essentially function as the printer front panel.

I’m not sure how close to release the new printer is – the model at the show was clearly marked as being a prototype and not for resale (didn’t say Made in USA unfortunately) – but we’ll pass on more information as we get it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished ZT400 and getting the chance to test it out. (see the Labeling News review here: ZT400 Printer Review)  The mid-range printer market is very competitive with the Datamax M-Class/I-Class and Intermec PM43 already viable choices. It will be very interesting to see how the new Zebra compares in the real world.

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