Label Templates for MIL-STD-129R

MIL-STD-129R Labels ID TechnologyAs I mentioned a few weeks ago, a brand new version of the Department of Defense’s standard for labeling shipments and packaging has arrived.

MIL-STD-129R is the document that shows how items shipped to the DoD need to be labeled and it is important that defense contractors are able to get into compliance.

From back in our Winco ID days, we have made available a set of BarTender label templates to help our customers and friends be able to successful print these labels. The latest version Version 5.0, includes the changes that have been introduced in MIL-STD-129R.

MSL Template MIL-STD-129R

Template for MIL-STD-129R MSL

The set of 129R label templates consists of Unit label for packages containing a single serialized item, Intermediate label for a case or box where a number of items are packed and Exterior label that goes on the outer package. There is also an MSL Military Shipping Label. Each label has a standard and RFID version.

We provide the label templates free of charge to anyone who might need them. Each label is designed to use Excel as the database for the information to be printed – a spreadsheet in the correct format is included.

Someone that is familiar with BarTender and the MIL-STD-129 mandate should be able to use the labels right away.

You’ll need to have Version 10.1 or later BarTender to use our label templates (don’t use the original BT 2016 release, although should be fine with 2016 R2 and up – we’ve not tested with newer versions) – we don’t support older versions, it is just too messy, we can sell you an upgrade if you need it.

ID Technology has been helping defense contractors with MIL-STD-129 compliance for a long time – from the largest companies to the smallest. We can provide software, printers, RFID labels, service and training – everything you might need.

Want to enhance your Department of Defense labeling operations?

Call ID Technology  toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at Just let me know if you want a set of the new MIL-STD-129R label templates.

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