Laser Tech Tip – Vectorize Images

Our Macsa laser marking products are incredibly versatile and can handle just about any coding or marking application.

Laser marking is often a first class way to mark high quality images onto products and the software we have for the Macsa products allows images to be imported in just about any of the common formats – BMP, PNG, JPG, etc.
Bitmap vs Vector ImageThe thing is, these are all bitmap based image formats – the image is made up of a matrix of dots as shown here in this simple.

While the Macsa laser can happily use these imported graphics, it is not the most efficient method. A better way is to convert the image to a vector image.

Unlike the grid of dots that makes up a bitmap, a vector image is a collection of mathematical formulas that describe the lines and curves of the image. The laser system can interpret these formulas to be able to very efficiently outline the image on the product to be marked. The laser then fills the image as needed to produce the finished mark.

Macsa Laser Software

Vectorize with Macsa Software

Our Macsa software is specially engineered to get the best out of our laser systems and has the ability to convert just about any graphic that has been imported into a vector graphic.

This has a number of real-life advantages such as faster printing and better control of quality than using standard bitmap type graphics. My friend (and laser guru) John Gonzales tells me that vectorizing is an important step in fine tuning a laser setup in order to be able to reliably meet the highest mark quality levels.

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