New RFID Traveler Label

100’s of defense contractors have been using our Logmatix RFID traveler labels to get into compliance with the RFID part of the MIL-STD-129 Department of Defense mandate.

We’ve recently redesigned the label in order to make it an even better solution.

Logmatix Traveler LabelThe new label is made of synthetic material, making it more robust and less prone to damage if the labeled packaging is exposed to damp conditions. The RFID read-range is improved as well – much better probability of the tags being read at the first attempt.

We’ve also made the label a little smaller. The idea behind the traveler label is that the larger part (with the RFID tag) is adhered to the product that is being shipped and the smaller part is then fixed to the paperwork (or traveler).

This provides a simple way to keep a record of which RFID shipped with each job and the person responsible for the WAWF updating can scan the info right into the WAWF with a low cost barcode scanner (beats typing those 24 digit numbers all the time!)

Now that the traveler part of the label is smaller, it will be easier to fit multiple labels onto the form – really handy when shipping a lot of cases or pallets.

Our RFID traveler label is just one way that we can help defense contractors stay in compliance with MIL-STD-129. We can also print and encode the complete suite of Unit, Intermediate, Exterior and MSL label as well as provide all the equipment, software and training you’d need to be able to print your own labels.

Do your products need to comply with MIL-STD-130 as well? We can help there as well.

Want to enhance your Department of Defense labeling operations?

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