High Speed GS1 Case and Tray Labeling

Many manufacturers of food and other products have a need to be able to add high-quality GS1 barcoding to their cases and trays.

There are several ways of achieving this, but for the best quality barcodes (especially if they need to be verified against the ANSI standard) it makes sense to use quality white labels with black print.

As packaging line speeds increase, creative ways sometimes have to be found and one such solution is ID Technology’s Model 262 High Speed Label Printer Applicator.

Model 262 High-Speed Printer Applicator

Model 262 High-Speed Printer Applicator

The conveyor speeds of modern packaging lines are often faster than thermal printers, even fancy near-edge models, so the printing has to be asynchronous to conveyor speed, or the labeling system will be unable to keep up with the line.

The ID Technology 262 elegantly solves this dilemma.

The 262 uses a robust OEM print engine, from SATO or Zebra to take care of the label printing and the label control and application is taken care of using the drive system from our M-Series labeler. This ensures that the printer can run at a comfortable speed (taking advantage of the fact that it can print during the complete cycle time) while the label can be applied at the conveyor belt speed – up to 250 ft/minute.

Using this system, the print speed is completely decoupled from the label application speed, allowing the printer to operate at its optimum printing speed, while the heavy duty applicator system takes care of applying the label accurately to the product. The 262 is designed to allow the label application to take place in confined spaces, such as when integrated into tray forming and wrapping systems or into other packaging machines.

High speed GTIN labeling

262 Integrated with Tray Wrapping Machine

The customer has the choice of which manufacturer’s industrial print engine to use. The Series 45 is designed to integrate Zebra, Sato or Datamax print engines, giving a choice of print resolutions of 203, 300, 400 and 600 DPI (usually 203 or 300 DPI fr logistics applications). Like our applicator, the print engines have been proven with thousands of installations all over the world.

The 262 is just one of the many labeling systems that ID Technology can provide. Whatever your labeling application, we can offer a well-engineered solution, designed to provide maximum uptime and lowest cost of ownership (especially if combined with ID Technology labels and support services).

Do you need to improve your labeling operations? ID Technology can certainly help. Call us toll free at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com We’ll get you in touch with one of our labeling specialists, right in your area!

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