How To Get Vibrant, Hi-Resolution Labels For Short Runs

You know that label that just grabs your attention? Is it the color? The shiny, glossy overcoat? The cool shape, design, unusual name, brand recognition, or spot-on information that you just had to buy that product?

color consistency of digital printing

Color consistency, high powered graphics, durable labels

Do you make a product that needs a label but you felt bound by buying minimums, long lead times, and prohibitive costs? Does your application require consecutive barcodes, serialization, changing images or security features.

Today’s digital printing technology makes it a reality for many industries to use brilliant, custom labels with photographic-quality images, clean text and vibrant colors.

hp ink color gamut

Benefits of using Digital Printing Technology:

  • Prints directly to the media for faster turn-around times by eliminating the need for a printing plate such as with flexographic printing.Colorful, durable and data-rich labels product labels
  • Superior color capabilities and high precision registration.
  • Market testing different label designs.
  • Reduce lead times, inventory, and waste, while delivering consistent, outstanding color.
  • Low volume runs without the labor and plate charges of other printing.
  • Digital’s variable data technology makes printing barcodes, consecutive numbers and multiple designs more cost effective.

Our world is exploding with color. Are your labels keeping up?

Competition to stand out in the marketplace is fiercer than ever. Along with what you may want to include on a label there are things you may be required to include. Regulations from the FDA and other regulatory agencies can require changes such as precise product information, tracking codes, lot codes, and traceability back to the original source.

Keep your expenses and time to market in control with digital printing technology. Have an idea? Talk with us. We’ll show you how choosing the right printing technology can help you achieve your goals, do more with your labels, and manage your labeling costs.

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