First Look: Citronix ci3000 Series

Simplicity – Reliability – Capability – Value

Citronix ci3000 Series

The New ci3000 Series

Citronix printers are well known for being easy to use and extremely robust, and we are pleased to announce the new ci3000 Series which builds on this legacy.

The designers at Citronix have taken the previous model and improved just about everything, while also maintaining the aspects of the design that have already been so successful.

Check out some of the new additions in this short video:

The ci3000 Series is faster than the previous model (about 25% in most cases) and also produces better quality print – it is a really solid upgrade.

Everything that was crucial in the Citronix printer design has been retained or improved.

The simple interface (considered to be the most user friendly of all inkjet systems) carries on to the ci3000 as does the open concept of the fluids system. Citronix doesn’t force the user to have to replace expensive and complicated modules.

There are four models in the ci3000 Series:

  • ci3200 – the entry level printer, designed to print 1 or 2 lines using our general purpose inks.
  • ci3300 – prints 1 – 3 lines and can use all our inks, other than pigmented.
  • ci3500 – advanced high performance and can print up to 5 lines of text at high speeds. Can be specified to use our pigment inks (if needed) and is also available in a micro high speed version.
  • ci3650 – all the features of ci3500, but designed to IP65 standards.

Although the new printer looks very similar to the legacy models, there is a long list of improvements. Let’s take a look at some:

ciPrecisionPlus – Print Quality EnhancementciPrecisionPlus - enhanced print quality for Citronix printers

For anyone needing to print date, lot or other codes onto products, the quality of the finished print is obviously important. The legacy Citronix printers certainly produced good quality codes, but the ciPrecisionPlus that is built into the ci3000 Series, takes code quality to a new level.

With CIJ printers, there is always a balance of line speed and quality – the smooth step control of ciPrecisionPlus uses a new power system, fluidics and firmware to provider a higher level of control for each individual drop.

The new firmware makes it quick and easy to dial in the speed/quality setting and store with the message info for fast setup every time.

Citronix Print Examples

ciPrecisionPlus provides enhanced capability for logos, graphics as well as linear and 2D Datamatrix barcodes.


Citronix 30 month warrantyThe new ci3000 comes with a longer warranty – 30 months rather than the previous 24 months. This is possible because of the robust design and focused quality control that is part of every Citronix printer.

In addition to the standard 30 month warranty, an extended warranty is also available – this provides warranty coverage for a total of 5 years.

6,000 Hours Service Interval

Improved filters and better fluids control allows the new ci3000 Series to run for 6,000 hours (or 12 months) before routine servicing is needed.

Enhanced Fluidics

The fluids system of the ci3000 is completely resigned, although keeps the philosophy of the previous printers. Citronix doesn’t force you to buy expensive modules – all the components are still individually replaceable.

Ink Packaging for Citronix Printers

New Ink Packaging for Citronix Printers

The first thing you’ll notice about the new system is the ink bottles themselves. The new bottle is larger (750ml compared to 473ml in the older version) so that you’ll be refilling the printer less often. The tank for makeup fluid (additive) is also larger to help with this.

The new ink containers are compatible with both the new ci3000 Series printers and the legacy Citronix models – read more here. The new bottles are also designed to prevent mismatch of ink and makeup fluids, when used on the ci3000 models.

Ink System Citronix ci3000 series

ci3000 Series Ink System

Unlike some cartridge type ink systems used by other companies, the ink bottles used on the Citronix printer completely depletes when the printer is filled – you use all the ink you’ve paid for.

The ink system is generally simplified, shorter tubing runs with quick change connectors, more accurate viscosity control, integrated manifold – all add up to better control and better print.

 Even Better Interface

Keyboard Citronix ci3000 Series PrinterThe Citronix interface is already recognized as being one of the easiest to use in the industry and it is improved further with the ci3000.

The full size QWERTY keyboard is retained and the total number of function keys is reduced – some of the less used keys being removed.

Additional Wizards are included to help with setting up, commissioning and creating messages. The ci3500 & ci3650 also come with ciLink on-board web browser for remote operation and control.

If you already use Citronix printers, you’ll feel right at home with the User Interface (UI) of the ci3000 Series and you’ll appreciate that the simplicity of set up and use has been maintained.

So with the legendary Citronix simplicity of set-up, use and service, improved reliability (backed by the best warranty in the business), more capability – enhanced print quality, more barcode options, higher speeds – Citronix represents exceptional value in Continuous Inkjet Coding. Citronix printers are designed and built in the USA too!

Citronix printers are available exclusively from ID Technology in the United States.

We provide expert service both before and after the sale, with nationwide sales and service coverage. Want to improve your product coding capabilities? Contact us today at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can email me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our Citronix specialists, right in your area!

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