Time to Trade Up to a New Laser Coder?

Macsa laser from ID TechnologyIs the CO2 laser system that you use to code your products getting just a little too old? Is it starting to lose it’s performance edge or maybe getting more expensive to maintain?

We can help! Here at ID Technology, we are running a great laser trade in deal when you purchase a new Macsa K-1010 Plus or K-1030 Plus laser coding system and trade your old unit. You can trade both older generation Macsa lasers or any other brand as well.

The Macsa K-Series CO2 Laser from ID Technology is a well proven system, designed to code a wide range of materials including glass, paper, board and a range of plastics.

The K-Series is one of the best engineered laser systems on the market – well proven in a multitude of demanding applications with some of the most prestigious companies in North America.ID Technology CO2 laser coding

The K-Series is easy to install and the built-in computer means that an external PC is not needed and the laser is simple to network.

Don’t have an old unit to trade? That’s no problem either; even without using the trade process, the K-Series (indeed all of our Macsa lasers) represents the best in laser quality and value everyday. Add the nationwide ID Technology support and you can’t go wrong.

Need to see a demo on your line? We will be happy to organize that for you.

What’s the next step? It’s simple – if you want to enhance the coding on your products, call us  toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com We’ll get you in touch with one of our laser specialists, right in your area who can help you determine which laser is the right one for your application and walk you through the trade in process.

Oh, like all good things the trade in program is only here for a limited time; don’t delay!

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