Citronix Printers – New Ink Packaging

As part of the launch of our new Citronix ci3000 Series CIJ inkjet printers, we have changed the packaging for the fluids.

Instead of the previous round bottles, Citronix fluids will now ship in 750ml rectangular bottles. The old round bottles contained 473ml of ink or makeup fluid.

Ink Packaging for Citronix Printers

New Ink Packaging for Citronix Printers

If your printer is one of the legacy Citronix models – ci580, ci700, ci1000 or ci2000 – you don’t have to worry. The new bottles are completely compatible with the round bottles you are used to and you will be able to take advantages of needing to refill the fluids in your printer less often with the larger capacity bottles.

All of the ink and makeup formulations are available in the new packaging and you can be assured that the composition of the inks has not changed – you’ll get the same great print from your printer.

The new package types do have new part numbers – there is a datasheet available that cross references the old part number to the new one: Citronix Ink Datasheet

If you use Citronix printers and need help with this new introduction, please contact your ID Technology representative or call customer service at 888-438-3242.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the new package labels are designed to comply with GHS regulations!


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