Compact, Affordable, Laser Marking Workstation

iLaserBox Workstation ID TechnologyMacsa laser systems, from ID Technology, are well known for producing high quality marks on a variety of material types. Macsa lasers have always been easy to install and use, but we are now making it easier still with a line up of self contained laser marking workstations.

The most compact of these workstations is the iLASERBOX 400, designed to be used in low volume marking environments.

By far the most important consideration with laser equipment is safety. All of our Macsa laser workstations ensure a safe working environment by completely enclosing the marking area, protecting people from any stray laser reflections.

The operator places the part to be marked inside the system and the marking sequence does not begin until the door is closed.

iLASERBOX 400 can be configured with a number of lasers from the extensive Macsa range, including the compact 10W iCON CO2 laser and several of the YAG and Fiber lasers – we will help you decide which type of laser is best for your particular application.

Interface for the laser is either by the integrated touchscreen or from a PC or network. Print formats can be designed on the laser internal software or using Marca design software.

A number of options are available including fume extraction, floor stand, beam and focal distance pointers and a rotational system.

iLASERBOX 400 is just one of our range of high quality laser marking workstations, some of which are designed to use in conjunction with conveyors or automatic material handling.

We provide expert service both before and after the sale, with nationwide sales and service coverage. If you need to include laser marking as part of your product identification activities, contact us today at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can email me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our laser specialists, right in your area!



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