High Speed Wipe Labeling Module

If you need to print and apply a GS1 barcode or other label to a case or tray of products on a conveyor, there are a number of application methods to choose from. We have several of these at ID Technology – using a tamp applicator, maybe with air assist to ensure the label is applied correctly – blow on applicator – vacuum belt wipe applicator – direct wipe on applicator.

Of these choices, one of the simplest is the direct wipe applicator – after all it is commonly used when applying prime labels onto all kinds of products.

The problem with direct wipe apply when printing the label as well is that, since the label is fed at the same speed as the product conveyor, either the print speed has to be very fast or the labels have to be fed in a loose loop.

To get over these issues, ID Technology has developed a new High Speed Wipe Module that can be installed onto any IDT Model 252 labeling system.

ID Technology High Speed Wipe Module

ID Technology High Speed Wipe Module

The HSWM is a direct wipe apply system that eliminates the link between the conveyor speed and print speed so it allows for conveyor speeds that are faster than the printer is capable of achieving.

In addition, as each label is printed, it is immediately applied to the product – real-time labeling with no loose loops.

Here’s a short video of the High Speed Wipe Module in action:

In this example, the conveyor is running at 150 ft per minute (30 inches per second), faster than thermal transfer printers can achieve on conventional wipe applicators. Because of the fact the print and conveyor speeds are uncoupled, the printer is running at only 6 inches per second.

Keeping the print speed as slow as possible is important to maintaining the best possible print quality, especially when printing ladder oriented barcodes.

The High Speed Wipe Module applicator has no moving parts and uses no plant air. It is designed to be a simple bolt-on update for existing ID Technology label printer applicators and can be specified on new ones.

As with all ID Technology print-apply solutions, the new module can be used with industry standard print engines from SATO, Zebra or Datamax.

Which application type is best for you? Since every application is different, I’d suggest you talk with your local ID Technology specialist who will help you come up with the perfect solution –  call us  toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com

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