Datamax Thermal Printer – 8 inch Width – PCL

Datamax-O'Neil H-8308p Label Printer with PCL

Datamax-O’Neil H-8308p Label Printer


If you have ever wanted to replace those old laser printers with a modern thermal or thermal transfer model that is HP compatible, you’ve been out of luck if you need to print up to 8 inches wide (maximum label web width is 9 inches).

The wait is over though – our friends at Datamax-O’Neil have come up with a new printer model that is a combination of the 8 inch wide H-Class, with the controls of the controls goodness of their Performance Series.

This new super-sized printer is called the H-8308p and is available now.

Because the Performance Series are built around a Linux OS and have PCL as their native printer language, they make it easy to drop right into HP, PCL corporate printing environments. It is also certified under the SAP Printer Vendor Program to ensure that it is also a great fit for SAP based enterprises.

Personally, I think this is a good move by Datamax, the H-Class is one of the best engineered thermal printers on the market and giving it the sophisticated Performance Series controls and its PCL5e and PCL6 capabilities, make it a very capable machine.

The H-8308p comes with all the features and connectivity you’d expect from the top end of the Datamax range and has 300 DPI printing as standard.

The only thing I’d like to see improved is to update the colour touch screen interface to use all the available space in the H-Class chassis. The Performance series was one of the first label printers to incorporate this kind of interface, but it has since been overtaken by the better displays used by Intermec (and the non touch enable version on the new SATO printer). I’m sure this will be addressed in the next iteration of the Performance series.

Need PCL? Need to print 8 inch wide labels? This new printer might be just what you need and ID Technology just happens to be a Datamax business partner!

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