Thermochromic Inks

150x150-Inks-Food-thermoThermochromic inks are inks that change color when subjected to temperature changes, a feature that makes these inks particularly useful in food industry applications where the products pass through a retort process. When applied to cans or bottles, the ink starts out as a solid black color. After heating and sterilization, the ink changes to red to indicate the product has been properly processed.

Our Citronix continuous inkjet printers give you fluid based, non-contact printing of up to 5 lines of text, linear and 2D barcodes for printing on a variety of food packaging. The wide range of inks feature excellent adhesion characteristics on different substrates with immediate or quick dry inks to suit most applications, including retort applications needing thermochromic characteristics.

Add identifying information, such as best before dates, traceability codes, batch codes or logos to your product at very high speeds. Take a look at a video showing the inkjet marking process in action on cans that pass through a retort process after coding:

ID Technology recently introduced the latest generation of the Citronix CIJ printer, the ci3000 series. Check it out here: ci3000 series

ci3000 Series CIJ Printer

NEW! Citronix ci3000 Series

To find out more about our continuous inkjet printers, give us a call toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3. See what our range of products can do for your food processing applications.


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