Top 10 List – New High Speed Wipe-On Module

Why is ID Technology’s new application module a great solution for printing & applying GS1 barcode labels to your cases and trays? We all love a Top Ten List so here are 10 good reasons:

GS1 barcode labeling - ID Technology

ID Technology New Wipe-On Module

1. Simple design with no adjustments or moving parts – maximum uptime with minimal maintenance. No plant air needed.

2. Best print quality without compromising output – achieve ANSI A & B barcode grades. By decoupling the print speed and conveyor speed, maximum output is achieved while using low print speeds. Enhanced print quality, longer printhead life and less overall wear on the printer.

3. Proven OEM print engines – use existing label files without emulation, widely available parts and support. Multiple print resolution choices – what’s best for your needs? 203, 300, 400 or 600 DPI printers can be specified.

4. Industry standard printheads – longest printhead life; especially when using low cost direct thermal labels. No need for expensive near edge compatible ribbon.

5. Ultimate flexibility – thanks to modular design, the wipe module can be replaced with any IDT application module. Need to switch to front panel labeling or corner wrap? No need to replace the labeling system, just install the appropriate application module.High Speet labeling for cases and trays GS1

6. Backward compatible for 250 and 252 labelers – no need to replace your existing ID Technology labeling equipment, the Wipe Module can be installed on any IDT label printer applicator in a matter of minutes

7. The label is under gentle control for the entire printing and labeling sequence – correctly applied every time, no skewed or creased labels.

8. The module slides away from the printer in seconds – quick and easy access for label/ribbon threading and for cleaning the printer.

9. ID Technology labels – IDT is a major manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, with 6 facilities across the US and Canada. Minimize shipping by using the plant closest to the point of use. Free LIFETIME extended equipment warranty when using ID Technology labels with our systems.

10. ID Technology Nationwide support network – our PMMI certified technicians are always close by.

What do you think? Can you add any other ideas to our list?

The ID Technology Label Printer Applicator is the market leader in North America and there are many good reasons why.

Want to learn more and start to optimize your labeling operations? ID Technology has a team of sales and support specialists across the country. To get started call ID Technology toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

Oh, if you’d like a printable version of this article, you can download it here.

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