Citronix Specialty CIJ Printers

ci3000 Series Printer and InkSince we launched the Citronix ci3000 Series of continuous inkjet products, they have been very successful in the market. Providing enhanced print quality, even simpler operation and the best warranty in the business, the ci3000 Series is the perfect CIJ printer for many applications.

The ciSeries covers printers able to print between 2 and 5 lines of text, as well as graphics and barcodes. While the mainstream printers can handle a huge number of different printing jobs, there are some applications that need something a little more specialized.

The Citronix Speciality Printers

In order to meet some of the less common applications for continuous inkjet, the ci3000 range includes some specialty models, each designed for a specific task. The specialty printers are based on the ci3500 and ci3650 models – providing the maximum flexibility and capability.

Specialty CIJ Printer Citronix


Do you need to print exceptionally small text on your CIJ printer? If you do, the Micro version  of the ci3000 might be your printer.

The Micro printer uses a special 40µ drop size nozzle (the normal is 60µ) to produce very high quality, high resolution character that range in size from 0.025″ to 0.24″ in height.


How fast is your production line? Our high speed HS50 version of the Citronix printer can provide great quality print on products moving as fast as 34 inches per second.

The HS50 head uses a slightly smaller drop size of 50µ to achieve this high output.


Need to print pigment type inks (such as yellow pigment) onto dark backgrounds or complex surfaces? Our pigment version of the ci3000 Series is designed specifically for this.

Using the ci3500 or ci3650 along with specially formulated Citronix inks is sure to give great results.

Heavy Pigment

The Heavy Pigment version of our printer, is designed to handle very bright, white low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks that give excellent results on dark surfaces.

These inks are tough on equipment, so the Heavy Pigment model is upgraded with a special pump and ink system to ensure it is up to the job.

Citronix Specialty Inks

To compliment the range of specialty printers, Citronix also provides a range of fluids, specifically formulated to give good results, even on the most demanding applications.

Ink Packaging for Citronix Printers

New Ink Packaging for Citronix Printers

As well as the ink types mentioned above, we have thermochromic inks, UV readable inks as well as inks in various colours.

Check out Citronix for your next CIJ printing job. Regardless of whether your coding application is simple or really tough, there is a printer in the ci3000 Series that will be a good fit.

Citronix printers are available exclusively from ID Technology, so it you want to simplify your coding operations, contact us today at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

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