CIJ Printer for Extruded Industrial Products

We usually see continuous inkjet (CIJ) codes on packaging – on bottles, cans, cartons, for date codes, lot numbers and similar applications.

The technology also lends itself to printing identification codes onto a wide range of industrial products such as items that are extruded.

Citronix CIJ Printer - barcodes on Extruded Tubing

Our Citronix ci3000 series of CIJ printers is an excellent solution to print text, graphics or barcodes onto a wide range of extruded products, right at the point of production.

The video shows a Citronix ci3300 printing text and barcodes onto extruded vinyl components. The printhead is mounted under the path of the extruded product and prints upwards as the product passes overhead. Print speed is matched to the line speed using a simple encoder input.

Because extruded products are produced from a wide range of material, Citronix has developed inks that allow for high quality CIJ printing onto just about every substrate.

Industrial coding applications are often to be found in tough environments. Citronix printers are IP55 rated (IP65 on the ci3650) and can be provided with a positive air kit to keep dust out of the printhead.

Citronix printers are available exclusively from ID Technology, so if you want to simplify your industrial coding operations, contact us today at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

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