High Quality Labels Without Minimums

Advances in color print technology is revolutionizing the label converting world.  The age of shorter lead times for short-run, high quality labels is here.

Digital printing press

The HP Indigo Digital Press
…high quality, short run labels, quick turn around.

The advantages of digitally printed labels are:

  • High quality, consistent graphics.
  • Excellent for jobs requiring variable data, images or information.
  • Great for low volume, high SKU needs.
  • Does not require plates or films allowing for lower costs and quicker turn-around.



ID Technology’s Regional Manager, Ken Wlodarczyk, recently worked with a leading manufacturer of dental products to solve several of their label issues, namely long lead times, poor print quality, and large order minimums.

This manufacturer labeled their products with a high quality image label. Maintaining hundreds of product SKU’s, they needed a lower quantity or batches of labels, each with a different SKU. Coupled with discontinued SKU’s and SKU’s for new products, maintaining a large inventory did not make sense and created costly waste.

Ken demonstrated the qualities of digital printed labels.  With the new technology of our HP Indigo digital press, and local service, this customer was able to:

  • Reduce lead times down to 5 days vs. 14+ days.
  • Get ultra-high definition print quality (2438 dpi x 2438 dpi), that is highly durable even without a varnish or laminate.
  • Receive competitive pricing and flexible order requirements.


If you are experiencing problems with your labeling operations or product identification, let us help.  With so many options available, we help our customers get the best labeling results while saving time and money.

Remember – shorter lead times, great print quality, and no order minimums – THINK DIGITAL.

Call (888) 438-3242 or (817) 626-7779 to see what Digital can do for your labeling.

IDT is a major manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, We understand the complete label converting process and can work with you to identify some key issues in labeling for better results. With 6 facilities across the US and Canada, you can minimize shipping by using the plant closest to the point of use.

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