Shipping Case Labeling for Bakeries

Labeling Solutions for BakeriesMany types of baked goods need to have shipping cases that are correctly labeled, before being dispatched to the customer.

Case Labeling for Walmart Bakery Suppliers

Cases and Labels as Needed for Walmart

Some of the big retail companies, such as Walmart have guidelines as to how cases need to be labeled – often requiring labels to be applied to more than one side of the case.

ID Technology is the leading supplier of labels and labeling equipment, with a host of solutions to ensure your baked goods arrive at your customer’s facility correctly labeled, every time.

Not just labeling – ID Technology has labeling and coding solutions for your entire range of packaging. In addition, our Pro Mach Materials Handling Group includes companies such as KleenLine & Shuttleworth, masters in the art of baked goods material handling.

LabelsID Technology - labels for bakery
With six label manufacturing facilities, ID Technology is your local label supplier, specializing in labels for demanding applications.

ID Technology labels have adhesives that can handle the low temperatures your labels encounter in frozen goods labeling and facestocks designed to provide  excellent print quality with minimal printhead wear.

ID Technology provides labels for both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing technologies.

Labeling Equipment
ID Technology builds the best selling label printer applicator and our corner-wrap models are perfect for complying with the requirements of your retailer customers.

Case Labeling for Bakeries

ID Technology CTL Case Taper/Labeler

Our labeling systems can apply both leading and trailing edge corner-wrap labels, ensuring that labels can be seen on all four sides of the case. Just a single label needed? No problem – we can apply the label to any face of the case as it moves through your process.

Our models for labeling shipping cases include the 252N, designed with a narrow profile to minimize aisle usage and the integrated 252CTL, case taper/labeler for a true case sealing, labeling solution.

With labels, the best equipment, label software, barcode scanning and nationwide support – we are with you all the way. We even offer a lifetime equipment warranty for as long as you use ID Technology labels and labeling equipment.

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