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Enhanced print quality with Citronix Precision PlusWhen we launched the latest version of the Citronix CIJ printer, at the end of 2014, the new model didn’t look dramatically different from its predecessor – the cabinet and overall look of the printer had not changed very much.

The improvements are mainly on the inside and one of the big steps forward is with print quality.

Citronix printers have always been know for producing excellent quality prints, but the new ci3000 series takes things to a new level.

We have had a lot of customers ask how the new improved print quality was obtained and the answer is that it isn’t down to just one thing. When the ci3000 printer was designed, attention was paid to three key areas, that together contribute to the excellent results.

The ci3000 Series printers are perfect for printing barcodes (both linear and 2D – including GS1 barcodes), graphics and text, on a wide range of substrates. As with previous models, the interface is the easiest to use in the industry and all is backed with ID Technology’s first class support.

With a continuous inkjet printer, the print quality is all about controlling the placement of each dot of ink, that makes up the finished printed characters. Here’s what has been done, by the engineers at Citronix on the latest printers: print capabilities Citronix CIJ printers


The ci3000 series has important changes to the main board and to the power supply. The result of this is better control of the voltages used to create the charges for the drops of ink.


The fluid control on the ci3000 series has been completely redesigned, building on the success of the previous generations of the printer. As with previous Citronix printers, the ink system is open – sure we want you to use our fluids, but we don’t force you too (unlike many other manufacturers).

Smooth control of the inks produces more consistent drops – one of the keys to accurate placement and enhanced print quality.

Everything on a Citronix ink system can be rebuilt – we never force you to have to purchase expensive core modules that you don’t need.


The new PrecisionPlus system built into all ci3000 printers, ensures the best print quality at any line speed.

The algorithms for controlling the drops of ink have been updated and optimized to provide much smoother control of the placement of each individual drop that makes up the image.

Print capabilities including: alpha numerics, logos, graphics and variety of linear and 2D DataMatrix; multiple languages; bold; upper and lower case; reverse and inverted printing; rotated character (tower) printing; variable character height and width; sequential numbering; forward and backward counting; continuous print capability. Barcodes that meet GS1 standards can be printed in both linear (GS1 128) and 2D (GS1 Datamatrix) are easy to design and print.

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