Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015

Pack Expo Las Vegas is the world’s largest packaging event of the year, and is just around the corner! This year Pack Expo and the Pharma Expo Trade Show will come together again to exhibit at the same time in Las Vegas, September 28-30, 2015. PMMI will be teaming up again with ISPE to offer this growing joint trade show event.

Visit us at Booth #C-3903

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015

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Why Attend?

This expo will feature a mix of learning and breakthrough technologies right at your fingertips. You will be able to interact with fellow professionals and see the latest technology breakthroughs firsthand. By attending Pack Expo, you may just gain the outside perspective needed to solve you organization’s problem.

How we can help!

Come visit EPI Labelers at Pack Expo, we will be in Booth #C-3903. Our salesman, engineers, and service techs will all be there to answer any questions you have related to labelers! Stop by to learn more and for a hands on experience. All of our machines are engineered for ease of use and reliability, and are designed to integrate into your specific packaging lines.

We will be featuring several of our top of the line labelers including:

    1. Bakery System
      Our Bakery Labeler is ideal for adding promotional and date labels to baked goods and breads.
    1. Core Series Print/Apply on BestPack Case Taper
      This labeler can accommodate top and panel labels for items such as barcodes and addresses.
    1. Core Series Tamp
      Our Core Series Labelers are ideal for wipe-on, blow on and Tamp/Blow applications.
    1. Core Series Wipe-On
      This product is part of our Core Series Labelers.
    1. C-Wrap System
      This system is designed for labeling clamshell containers.
    1. Top & Bottom System
      Our Top & Bottom Labeler is ideal for quick and accurate label placement on all of your packages.
    1. M-Series
      This high-speed labeler is ideal for streamlining your production process and will save you time and money.
    1. Flex-PacTM on a Matrix bag maker
      Our flexible packaging labelers are designed to meet your needs and can accommodate a variety of applications for pouches and bags.

We will also have our New Print & Apply Labeler featuring SATO’s newest printer, the S84ex. Our new labeler now has a mono-plate design requiring fewer parts for unwind and rewind assemblies and includes an updated, full color touchscreen. The new integrated touchscreen replaces the old turn style buttons and is packed with features for both the operator and maintenance personnel. Operators can quickly make adjustments for optimum performance, while maintenance personnel can easily troubleshoot without using any tools.

Our labeling equipment is the answer to easy and efficient workflow production for our clients’ industries, which include; snack food, bakery, confectionery, beverage, dairy, coffee, meat and poultry, pet food, frozen food, fabric, textile and general packaging. For a detailed product list and to learn more please visit

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