Future Proofing Labeling Operations

Flexible labeling system 252AThese days things can change quickly with your labeling needs. This year you might need to print and apply labels to your products – next year (or sooner!) it might be that pre-printed labels are needed.

Something that helps deal with this uncertainty is ID Technology’s Label Dispense Module.

The Label Dispense Module is standard on the 252A labeling system and it replaces the usual OEM print engine.

This allows the 252A to be able to efficiently apply pre-printed labels to many types of packaging – it can use any of the extensive range of 252 applicator modules, making it one of the most versatile labeling systems on the market.

Here is a tamp-jet equipped 252A in action:

When you need to convert to a label printer applicator, just remove the label dispense module and replace with the print engine of your choice from SATO, Datamax or Zebra. The form factor is such that the print engine is a direct replacement so the machine can be upgraded in minutes.

The Label Dispense Module is also a great help if you no longer need to print labels. Replace your print engine with the LDM and you have an applicator ready to use for your pre-printed label application jobs.

The 252A and Label Dispense Module is a great combination and is just one example of how ID Technology helps with giving our customers the flexibility to be able to react to changing production demands.

Like all ID Technology labeling systems, the 252A comes with our lifetime equipment warranty – for as long as you use our labels.

Download a datasheet on the 252A here. 

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