Is Digital Printing Right For You?

Digital print labelsDigital printing technology allows fast and cost-effective printing on many types of packaging, including labels, folding cartons, and flexible packaging. Since there are no printing plates needed for this type of technology, tooling costs are less and so are the setup and changeover times. Digital technology has introduced added flexibility in order quantities, making it the ideal way to print short run orders.

Given the increasing innovations in packaging made from things like bags, envelopes, pouches, foil and pliable paper materials, digital printing gives package developers a more diverse range of printing options for so many applications.

How do you decide if digital printing is right for your application? First consider the volume of the print. Conventional flexographic and other tradition printing technologies are suited to high-volume runs since more costly setup and tooling factors are a part of the process. So if your product is a mass-marketed product with a package design that is not likely to change, then traditional printing methods are probably right for you.

Digital printing fits the need for short runs or package designs that are changed often, such as when brands are expanding into emerging consumer markets. For these types of products, print runs are typically smaller. You might also consider digital printing for short-term or trial applications, such as a launch of a new product, an extension to an existing product line, or a special holiday or seasonal product.

What are the benefits of digital printing? You can see a reduction in the time it takes between order placement and order release, since setup is minimal. Digital printing offers vibrant colors consistently, meaning marketers can take advantage of photographic images well suited to the food and beverage industry. Digital printing is ideal for taking advantage of the shifts in consumer trends, allowing marketers to target consumers more effectively by varying packaging and taking advantage of short-run test marketing applications.

With six label printing plants, ID Technology help with both digital (using our HP Indigo press) and with flexo labels.

One of the  newest innovations in digital printing is Genesis, a high definition digital ink printer capable of printing on most substrates including paper, Tyvek® and flexible webs using UV ink. Designed to be installed on horizontal form-fill-seal machines, Genesis can print all the graphics you require on your medical packaging, including the variable information such as lot numbers, expiration dates, and barcodes that meet all UDI requirements. You can read more about this innovative inline digital printer here.

To find out more about digital printing, give us a call at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or contact David Holliday directly at We are experts in packaging and print technology and can offer the best products for your needs.

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